China In The World

CITW network aims to support and unite stakeholders researching the PRC’s global influence, improve global and regional awareness of related challenges, and strengthen democratic resilience worldwide.


The China In The World (CITW) Network was set up in 2019 to bring together stakeholders investigating China’s global influence and disinformation strategies. The network is administered by the Doublethink Lab.

Aug 2019

First CITW Summit

1st network meeting bringing together over 40 stakeholders to discuss strengthening digital and legal capabilities to research China’s influence.

Aug 2020

CITW Advisory Board Established

The CITW Advisory Board was set up with five members to provide strategic guidance to the development of the network.

May 2021

CITW Advisory Board Expanded

The board was expanded to strategize new ways to outreach to other global regions to broaden the scope to study China’s influence.

Nov 2021

Third CITW Summit

During the 2021 CITW summit, CITW stakeholders gathered to exchange latest learnings on China-related research, and strengthened collaborations between stakeholders to explore new areas of research.

Our Advisory Board